Pre-Engineered Clean Agent Systems for Small Space Protection

Sometimes the smallest spaces are the most difficult to protect. Now you can reduce even the most critical small space fire risk. These complete, compact, pre-engineered systems pneumatically release extinguishing agents that deploy quickly and cleanly without leaving behind particulates, residue, or water. They are optimized for electrical cabinets, CNC machinery, fume cabinets, engine compartments, and many more enclosures, and are approved for class A, B, and C fires.

  • 24/7 Protection: Automatically detects and suppresses fires at the source
  • Plug & Play Simplicity: Pre-engineered kits are pre-configured to NFPA 2001 specifications
  • Fast & Effective: Rapid reaction as soon as a fire starts, before equipment is damaged and before sprinklers activate
  • Highly Economical: Outstanding cost performance

Protect your business from possible fires from short circuits, machinery overloading or overheating, and fume ignition with the most flexible, space-saving, and cost-effective small space systems available.

Click here for FM-200™ systems from FireDETEC®

Click here for Novec 1230™ systems from Minimax

Proprietary linear sensor tube
detects heat and pneumatically
actuates extinguishing agents.