We have 100 years experience.

1902: The company is founded in Berlin by Wilhelm Graaff and develops the legendary Minimax cornet bag.

1905: Minimax acquires the production center in Neuruppin.

1906: Minimax is the number 1 worldwide - with foreign companies in Europe and the USA.

1926: The first Minimax foam generators are introduced on the market.

1953: In Bad Urach near Stuttgart Minimax completes the most up-to-date German factory for fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing devices and extinguishing systems for fire fighting vehicles.

1958: Minimax extends the factory in Bad Urach.

1969: Preussag acquires Minimax and merges the company with the Selbsttätige Feuerlöschanlagen Gesellschaft Hamburg. The company founded in 1929 has several decades of experience in the production of stationary fire protection systems and since 1966 the head office is located in Bad Oldesloe.

1991: The Minimax GmbH with its head office in Bad Oldesloe and a branch office in Bad Urach is founded. Minimax GmbH is the leading company of all fire protection activities of the Preussag AG.

1998: Minimax extends the fire protection research center in Bad Oldesloe.

2001: Preussag concentrates on their basic business: tourism. Minimax gains a new group of shareholders with Barclays Private Equity Deutschland.

2002: Minimax celebrates 100 years in business.

2003: Investcorp acquires Minimax. Minimax GmbH and Minimax Holding GmbH merge into the Minimax GmbH & Co. KG.

2005: With 'Minimax for home' comes a premium Product assortment for private homes on the market.

2005: The Minimax GmbH & Co. KG bundle their activities in the range of the mobile fire protection in a discrete association - the Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KG.

2006: Industri Kapital acquires Minimax from Investcorp.

2007: Minimax expands its business in the USA with the acquisition of Consolidated Fire Protection (CFP).

2009: Inauguration of the new and expanded fire protection research center.

2009: Minimax merges with Viking.

2014: Kirkbi A/S acquires majority stake in Minimax Viking.