Certification Training
MX1230 and MX200 Fire Suppression Systems
RP-2002 and MX-320 Agent Release Panels

Minimax Fire Products offers training throughout the year for distributors
who wish to gain a working knowledge of Minimax Clean Agent Suppression
Systems, and Conventional and Intelligent Releasing Control Panels.

Suppression System Training attendees will receive a temporary three-month
license for "DesignManager" software, and those attending the Agent Release Panel
Training will receive "Minimax VeriFire® Tools" software v9.0.

Seating is limited so early registration is recommended.

Please note: this training is available only to authorized Minimax distributors.
All lodging arrangements are at the expense of each attendee.
Contact for details.

March Training - Las Vegas Training Forms:

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2019 Training Schedule

March 12-14       MX1230/MX200 Fire Suppression System Training
                           RP-2002 and MX-320 Agent Release Panel Training
                           Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV