Fire Detection and Suppression for Every Need

Detecting and extinguishing fires without harming high value assets – that’s what we do better than anyone else. Minimax has developed systems that lead the world in many market segments, including protection of server rooms, medical and laboratory facilities, control rooms, libraries and museums, and many other sensitive environments.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems. Save valuable floor space with higher flow rates, smaller pipe diameters, and the longest possible pipe runs of any chemical agent system. Discover the best solution for Halon system replacement.

Detection and Control. Minimax offers both conventional and intelligent solutions for release of MX-1230, MX-200 and Argon systems. We’ll help you integrate control panels, detectors, and alarms to ensure fast reaction.

ONEU Active Suppression System. The OneU is a complete server cabinet fire suppression system in a 1.75” high by 24” deep package.

Fire Extinguishers. Heavy-duty models for commercial, industrial, and marine applications.

Small Space Protection. Complete pre-engineered detection and suppression systems for cabinets and small spaces.


Everything from one trusted partner, working with you to develop business solutions that meet your business needs.