Detection and Control Systems

Integration to ensure fast reaction. The proper selection and integration of control panels, detectors, and alarms is crucial in making sure your fire protection system reacts quickly. Minimax has the products and application expertise you need to optimize your system for fast detection and response.

Minimax offers both conventional and intelligent solutions for the release of MX-1230, MX-200 and Argon systems. Our MX-2002 and MX-320 Control panels have a wide range of modularity, and can be configured for virtually any application. And by partnering with a leading manufacturer of fire alarm controls, Minimax offers even greater cost effective solutions for the release of our systems.

Control Panels – Conventional single-zone and intelligent single- and multi-zone agent releasing control panels

HELIOS® – Air Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA – Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection Solutions

UniVario® – Industrial Heat and Flame Detectors