About Minimax Fire Products

For over 100 years, Minimax has delivered innovative solutions for the most demanding fire protection challenges around the world. Minimax Fire Products makes this expertise available to the North American market.

In the Minimax research center in Bad Oldesoe, Germany we are working closely with test and standardization authorities to develop solutions that are often used as the basis for new fire protection regulations and approvals. By conducting natural scale fire tests, we prove theoretical research results and find solutions for specific customer challenges. Whether it’s information technology, telecommunications, cultural properties, power stations, or automotive plants, Minimax will deliver safe and cost-effective fire protection.

As part of the Minimax Viking Group, we are a global leader in fire protection with over $1.1 billion in sales and 6,000 employees. Minimax’s expertise in gas based fire detection and protection systems is supported by Viking SupplyNet’s nation-wide distribution and fabrication network, ensuring that you receive the very best in system design and product availability from a single source.

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Minimax…protecting your people, property, and environment.